Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beach Walk

I am getting ready to start several V-Classes (i.e. Virtual Classes). The first to start is Beach Walk. (see the photo below or on my web site  ). The model is on 18-count mono canvas. The design area is 12.3" square and I usually stitch t on canvas cut 18" square. The motifs are ocean creatures, most likely tropical creatures given the bright color scheme of the model, and scenes created with some traditional and some not so traditional geometric stitches.

I will be starting to send out the instruction books December 15, but registration is open until December 31 (contrary to what it says on the registration info). The classes begin January 3, 2011.

This is an advanced level class that would cover four days in a FTF classroom. The students will choose their own color schemes beginning with the color of the canvas and going right through to the color of their beads. The first step is choosing a canvas and #8 perle coton to match for the prework. The next step is choosing an overdyed #8 perle (silk or cotton) and basing a color scheme on that. A copy of Basic Color Theory is included to guide the student, plus the first lesson will be about choosing colors. My V-classes are run through a Yahoo group, where the lessons are posted and additional materials, such as animated diagrams and close-up photos are also posted. Here students can also ask questions, discuss various aspects of the class and stitching, give feedback, and post their own photos - color choices, their work in progress, close-ups of areas they are having trouble with.

Come join us. It will be fun.

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  1. I just looked at all your classes, and my head exploded at their gloriousness. I'm definitely going to do beach walk, because I love how you used geometric stitches to make real things. It would be helpful if you also included a link on this post to the v class section on your website!


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