Thursday, July 28, 2011

Designing Experiment - Purple and Green Vortex

Due to a deadline blitz I got sidetracked a bit from posting about this project. But I have been plugging away at it, sometimes only a few minutes in the evening. This is my sitting-in-bed stitching project, which is weird because I have NEVER stitched in bed until I started stitching my daffodil. Now I seem to be addicted – or at least it's becoming a habit. I also take it with me to guild meetings where I get told on a regular basis that I'm crazy. I also took it to our Needle Arts Mystery Retreat in Columbus this last week. Where I was again told I was crazy, but they all take classes from me, so what does that say about them? ROTFLOL

I've finished the top third of the design. You can really see the swirl starting to develop. I usually see it so close-up that I miss the dimensionality created by the colors. Seeing it from a distance like this I'm falling in love with it all over again.

Next time I'll post my NAMR design from this year. Maybe entice all of you to come play with us next year in Portland!!

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