Monday, September 26, 2011

Carried away with myself

Last night I re-read my post from yesterday and realized I REALLY got carried away with myself. My excitement about my workroom pushed me over the top and I posted WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long a post. Sorry *^0^*

I think I'll break the next one into two posts so it isn't so completely overwhelming. Not everyone is as excited as I am that I have my very own room.

To make up for my over enthusiasm I am holding a small contest. No prize except getting to help me figure out which weird piece I'm going to stitch next - when I finish my vortex.

I've narrowed it down to three choices. I think I know which one I'd like to do, but I'm asking for input. Here they are in no particular order ---

I'll keep the contest open until my birthday - October 17. Then I'll announce the winner. And maybe I'll offer a prize after all. How does a copy of the chart I make of the winning design sound?

I'll think about it.


  1. I really love the color combination and ratios of the second one.

    Carol S.

  2. I would choose the third one for the definition and flow.


  3. Go for #2 - it reminds me more of you and your love of bright colors! Jackie M

  4. I like the blue/lavender/apricot in the first one. Rinda J

  5. I like the third one. I can see a flower in part of it and I love all the different colors.

    Candy C.

  6. I like the middle one that goes follows the color wheel (green, blue, red, orange, yellow). The top one is the same colors as your last piece although I do like it.

    Peggy C.

  7. I am voting for #3 also as it flows and appears to create a flower.

  8. I'm voting for #3 as it has your bright colors and contains the flower like image.


  9. I like the middle one.

    I tried several ways to post a comment & it just disappeared. Good luck with blog help!

    Liz M

  10. I'm torn between the first and the third. The first appeals to me because the colors and movement are so calming. And I can see this stitch and that sure makes me want to stitch it.

    The third one I like for the opposite reasons. It's dynamic and energizing. It demands attention.

    And I hope you stitch both of them and put me on the list to get them once you are finished with them.

    Ro P


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