Saturday, November 28, 2009

My "Walk" series

Working in a series sometimes happens accidentally. When I designed my first Walk - City Walk - I wasn't thinking of a series at all. I was thinking of creating a piece that would be good enough to get me a contract to teach for ANG. The piece was very popular so I started looking at what made it popular.

Working along the same creative lines of City Walk I came up with Garden Walk. This has the same shape and size as City Walk, and it has the same number of sections, but they are arranged differently so it is the same yet different. Again the piece was very popular. So my brain started along the same lines of thought. But it was much harder to come up with another piece with the same shape and sizes of sections.

So I asked myself the famous (or infamous) artist question - "What if . . ." I began doodling with the layout of my previous two Walks, playing with the arrangement and number and size of sections. God Bless computers. This would have been a pain in the bum without one. The result was the third piece in what has come to be known as the Walk series - Beach Walk.

More next time about how my Walk goes astray. ;-0

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