Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Program Do I Use?

Lately I've had several people asking for information about what design program I use to create my instructions (this topic seemes to go in cycles). That is a loaded question and is not easy to answer. Sometimes the question is just curiosity, but often it is asked by someone who is wanting to create her own designs but isn't quite sure where to start. What makes the question hard to answer is what I do with my program and what someone else wants to do with a program are probably not the same.

So, when asked this question, my answer starts with a question - "What do you want to do with a design program?" This question has to be answered before I can go any further. Unless the person knows what she wants a program to do, any answer would be too general to be helpful.

The majority of people who are thinking about designing either want to create for themselves or for guild chapter project. Someone who wants a program or this reason would not be happy with my program. It would be waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much program. It would be like buying a professional stove to cook family dinners. Unless the cook is planning on creating recipes and writing a cookbook or teaching cooking classes, the stove would be too large, too expensive, and too complicated. Unless a stitcher is planning on teaching classes or publishing designs, my program would be too expensive and too complex.

So, if you are wondering about design programs, ask yourself this question and I'll be back in a few days to talk some more. And while you are waiting check out the list of design program web sites I've added.

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