Friday, January 28, 2011

My new design

I have started working on my newest four-day advanced class design. It is called Walk the Wild River -- I know, I know -- what is with all the walks. I sincerely don't know. That just seems to be the series I am on right now.

This particular piece was inspired by where I live. There are rivers, mountains, lots of gardens, plus buildings and high rises. Probably reminiscent of many cities where rivers play a major part in the life of the city.

This piece will be layered, similarly to Walk on the Wild Side. Probably not as complex in the layering, but definitely complex in the stitches and techniques.

This is the main piece of canvas showing the preworked satin stitch dividing bands (seem to be a feature of all my walks so far) and the basting that defines the rivers. The main body (the square part) is about 12.4 square on 18-count canvas.

I'm stitching the model on green, and I will probably also offer blue canvas. I don't know yet about a third color. I'm thinking about a brown of some sort, but everyone who knows me knows brown is soooooooo not my color. It is always harder for me to come up with a color scheme for brown.

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  1. Can't wait to see this one! Need a ghost? ~Joyce Pugh


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