Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Designing Experiments

Amazingly, it didn't take me as long to stitch the daffodil as I originally thought. In fact - I am finished!!!!!!

Once I got started it was actually very soothing. I didn't have to make any color choices or anything. I just stitched. I think I'm going to frame it in a shadow box to increase the feeling of dimension.

I stitched it over one on black 24-count Congress cloth with DMC floss. I discovered I needed to work with shorter lengths of floss as the canvas fuzzed it if I used longer lengths. It was a great design to pick up and take it with me as I could concentrate on working one rectangle at a time.

Here's a close-up . . .


  1. Hi Linda--I was a bit confused when you started talking about and showing the beginnings of this, but I LOVE the finished product. Will it become a class, or will you sell it? I'd stitch this one...

    Carol S.

  2. Amazing doesn't come close to describing this. I'm in awe, its lovely.


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