Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Comments still being blocked

It apparently isn't just my blog that is having trouble with this. Blogger introduced a new interface and, even though I'm using the old one, I think THAT is the problem. I'm still waiting for some response to my inquiry.

I did read a response to one inquiry that involved a lot of talk about cookies etc. Since the only thing that has changed on my blog is Blogger updating itself, I think Blogger is the problem, not cookies. Maybe the new interface is more sensitive to certain cookies or something. Not a lot of help, but here is the link to the answer about cookies -  . Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out the issue.

Also, please continue to send me any comments that won't post and I'll post them. I'm posting them from Anonymous but including your first name and last initial. Otherwise they say I posted them ,and it looks like I'm talking to myself. Which I do often, but not usually in print.


  1. I envy you! All those wonderful storage solutions. I can just imagine how much you are enjoying your new space!

  2. Except I'm so bust building a new web site O haven't gotten to enjoy it :-(


  3. Oops. Meant busy. LOL


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