Friday, September 30, 2011

My workroom part two

I promised the rest of my workroom (although I've probably shared more than anyone ever wanted to know). The last thing I showed was my closet and canvas storage.

On the wall left of the closet is part of my thread storage.
The stack of drawers on the right hold my Threadworx threads, and the start of my DMC floss (through 600 or so). The left two stacks hold all my DMC and Anchor perle coton (well, except the box of perle coton that is always packed for shipping when I teach choose-your-own-colors classes).

Just left of this stack of threads is the little miscellaneous chest I showed last time. And on top of that is the mirror peeking out from behind the storage. The top grey drawers hold my reels of fine sewing metallic. Anyone who has ever taken a class from me knows how much I LOVE fine sewing metallic. The two white units below hold the empty spools and labels for when I reel off smaller yardages of FSM. Left of that is my little antique lamp that belonged to my grandma (had to have something that wasn't for stitching). Below the lamp is my reeler (the white box on the left) and my labeler (sits right of the reeler). I couldn't live without my labeler. I label EVERYTHING!!!!! The drawer below holds extra label cartridges, and other stuff.

All this stuff, right through the closet, sits on the left wall of the room as I walk in the door. So when I am facing this wall, my work table and the magazine shelves are behind me.

And turning left from this wall is the door and the one non-stitching piece of furniture. This was my mother-in-law's and is one of the few pieces of furniture my dear hubby chose to keep out of her house. Almost everything in it is strictly decorative (although I do store some small stuff in the cupboard part). I have my Boyd's Bears Noah's Ark and my mom's stereopticon displayed. This room is a little weird. This unit sits in a little jog created by the main chimney, which pokes out into this room (which probably takes about 4 square feet from the room's space).

 Next to this sits my
miscellaneous thread drawers — Presencia, The Thread Gatherer, Gloriana, Caron Collection, Dinky Dyes, etc.This sits right in front of the chimney that pokes out into the room.

Left of this is the built-in shelves I showed last time.


 The wall left from here is the one the work table is against and where my magazine shelves hang. It also has my bead shelves. Well, the bottom half is beads. The top half holds containers of reeled threads I play with when designing — silks, rayons, cottons, partially used reels of Kreinik metallics — and some miscellaneous stuff that hasn't found a home yet. These shelves are actually media shelves made for CDs and DVDs. Nice and narrow, only 7" deep. Perfect for beads and a very small room.

Below are some boxes of stuff I have to sort through [sigh]. But there were a LOT more boxes before. I've really whittled them down. My recycled bins have been really full several different weeks.


The wall left of this one is actually the window wall. The windows take
up most of the wall, but since this is such a small room I've put shelves
in front of the windows, too. Some of the windows show so I have light
in the room, and the shelves are wire shelves so they let the light through.

On this wall is the rest of my floss (remember, the last stack of drawers
ended around 600 or so).
The drawers came out of a shop that closed probably 20 years ago. And even though they say Anchor it's all DMC floss.

Left of this is more wire shelves.

The two grey units on top hold my Kreinik #4, #8, and Japan thread. Left of that is a magnet board holding containers of odd beads. Haven't figured out where to hang this yet — not much wall space left. Below is my sewing machine and my felting machine. This shelf and the two below slide out so I can just sit right there and sew or felt. Don't know what I'll put on the two lower shelves, maybe my models when they aren't traveling.

Remember me mentioning the packed box of perle coton I ship for my choose-your-own-colors classes? That's the big box below the shelves.

And my uncovered window is left of the shelves. And left of here is my closet. So I've made a full circle.

And that is my small packed workroom. Not totally organized yet, but all the furniture and main stuff is there and I think is where it will live. I still have lots of little stuff to do, but I'm so excited that I finally have my very own room.

Oh, I lied. There is one more thing I have to get.
This is my sad little chair. I desperately need a new one and I'm searching. I'll post a picture when I eventually get my new one, but it will be a while. It takes me a LOT of time to choose a chair because I spend so much time in them. And it has to be small since there isn't much space in my workroom.

Thanks for taking my tour with me. It's probably way more information than anyone wants, but I am so excited about having my own space (so's my accountant, but that's another story). I just had to share.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I totally enjoyed taking the tour! You've done a beautiful job organizing and arranging everything. I'm also fortunate to have a fairly large space to "house" my stash and have made due, over the years, using stackable plastic drawers, closet shelving and dressers for larger items, etc. Since I'm not a professional I don't think I would need all the storage you have, but I would be delighted to be able to store things neatly and properly. I know you're thrilled and enjoying your new space plus it just promotes enthusiasm to keep things organized when you have proper storage.

    Recently a LNS closed and I tried unsuccessfully to purchase their thread storage bins. Can you suggest a resource for the types of thread storage you're
    using? I wondered if I could get them directly from Anchor or DMC as a retail customer? Any suggestions will be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  2. Sorry I didn't answer sooner. Just spacing I guess.

    I got my wooden floss storage boxes from a shop that closed. You can also buy them from some distributors but they aren't cheap when you buy them new. The wooden boxes I have my perle coton in I got from a store called Storables. Similar to The Container Store but slightly different merchandise.

    Any storage units with shallow drawers work. Units made for scrapbooking paper work really well. It's easy to make dividers with cardstock or light cardboard and double stick tape. That's what I did for the perle coton drawers.

    I think half the fun was tracking down storage units that worked for all the odd things in my workroom. Sort of a treasure hunt. *^_^*

  3. Thanks so much for the storage tips. I did find a site that sells the DMC floss storage bins in both the wood and acrylic plus the dividers sold separately. I googled DMC storage bins and voila! I didn't order but am tempted by the acrylic units. Thanks again Linda for your inspiration, I'm still drooling!

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