Thursday, February 17, 2011

Designing experiments

One of my favorite new toys is my iPhone and the apps i can get on it. Especially the art and designing apps. The other cool thing is I can take pictures of what I create with the apps and download them to my computer to play with. So just for fun I chose one of my favorite pictures and converted it into cross stitch and tent stitch in different colored grounds to see how it looked. The bad news is now I have something else to stitch that I will probably never get to. [sigh]

The original photo

Tent stitch on white

Cross stitch on white

Tent stitch on black

Cross stitch on black

I think it's interesting how different colors look on white compared to black. Even though both the tent stitches and cross stitches are covering the entire ground, the tiny bit that shows behind changes the colors visually. It is also interesting how different stitches effect the colors. The cross stitches, because they have two layers, are brighter on the black and more intense on the white.

So much to experiment with. So little time.


  1. Very cool Linda! Isn't modern technology fun?!

  2. If we'd had this when I was a kid I would have definitely been a computer geek instead of just a science geek.

  3. I'm sure I see some Hilton stitches in there! Why limit it to tent or cross?

  4. What iPhone apps are you using?

  5. I used an app called Artisan. I have several similar apps but this is my favorite.


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