Monday, February 21, 2011

Designing Experiments

I took a wonderful color theory class from Shirley Kay Wolfersperger at EGA National Seminar in San Francisco in Spetember 2010. I don't often get to go to seminar and take classes so it was a great opportunity. Plus I've always wanted to take a class from Shirley Kay. She has taken her needlework into the arena of art and continues to push the envelope of needlework possibilities. I've posted a link to her blog in the blogs I follow and if you are interested in learning more about her that is a good place to start.

Anyway, back to the class. We had a wonderful week of playing with color schemes by making little mini-collages.

This is one I did in class with colored appers and pencils. It really took my fancy and when I got home I started playing with the colors and shapes. I've started calling them flames. So this is flame exercise 1.

I was so excited about the shapes and the flow I got out my sketch book and paints and began playing more with the shape.

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