Thursday, March 3, 2011

Designing Experiments

The arrangement of shapes I like the best, of all the ones that came from playing with my flame shape is this one (from my sketchbook)

I can see this in so many ways. I love the idea of using the shapes to overlay transparencies and textures. This particular drawing is more likely to become an actual piece than the two illustrated in the last posting. It just has so many possibilities and I am totally taken with the flow of the lines.

This is how a series is often born. One idea sparks a host of others. It's much like brainstorming. Not all the ideas make it to completion, but many of them do, often in an attempt to work out the various possibilities. It is a more natural organic way to create a series than deliberately setting out to create one. One idea flowing into another one often yields more exciting designs than sitting down and deciding, "I'm going to create three projects that are related by . . . [insert whatever here - color, shape, a particular thread].

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